Gut Health-Gut Happiness

At Lilly of The Valley Gut Health LLC, we have a functional medicine-root cause systems approach that helps people obtain control of their health conditions and overall health, starting at the GUT level. With the right insight and guidance, we can help alleviate many of the common conditions people suffer from today. Another words, a healthy gut is a happy gut and what follows is a healthier-happier YOU!

Anyone with any of the listed conditions on the home page is encouraged to reach out to schedule a consultation with the provider. The provider can answer questions and offer solutions to many of the gut-related issues that cause concern and illness. To find out more, please check out the homepage or use the contact page to give us a call.


We strive to be the location that people choose when they want to improve current and developing conditions related to their gut health. To get started on the road to  GUT healthy living, our office offers a FREE Discovery Visit, easily booked below.