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Gut Health Specialist

Hippocrates, "all disease starts at the GUT!"

Lilly Of The Valley Gut Health LLC. provides root cause medicine starting at the GUT!  Gut Health is the key to overall good health, and the GUT is the first line of defense to anything the body comes in contact. Chronic inflammation is the underlying cause of chronic disease, and it starts with an unhealthy gut lining or microbiota. Here at Lilly of The Valley Gut Health, we listen to the list of issues, connecting them by way of a process in Functional Medicine called the Matrix and Life Long Timeline. The Process which is used to restore GUT Health is a Functional Medicine method called the 5 R process ( remove, replace, re inoculate, repair, and rebalance). Natural detoxing through the liver is paramount to overall health, and we are equipped to naturally detox, but sometimes the burden of toxins is overloaded. NP Lori addresses and supports genetic expression, enzymatic processes and pathways of the liver to promote natural detox.  

Please check out the homepage to find out more about the office  and/or the range of conditions treated. Anyone with questions about our current services or billing are encouraged to reach out and book a FREE discovery visit .

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