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Most of us have very busy lives...paying little attention to aches and pains and what goes into our mouths, then over time, find ourselves in less then optimal health. Some of us have a stock pile of herbals and vitamins, have been Gluten Free without processed sugar, but still find ourselves repeating the same life patterns with a growing list of diagnoses. 

Functional GUT Health is a personalized systems method adapted from The Institute of Functional Medicine, called the FIVE R approach:

  • Remove

  • Replace

  • Reinoculate

  • Repair

  • Rebalance

Epigenetics has changed how we think about our inherited gene codes. The word actually means "over and above" the genome. This new research indicates that our health (and disease expression) is not necessarily dictated by our inherited genes. Genes load the gun and lifestyle shoots the gun... Another words, medications, food allergies, stress, environmental toxins, a leaky gut and a dysbiotic gut micorbiome are factors that can affect the gene protein, gene expression, cell differentiation, and therefore, overall health and vitality. Although gene protein variants (SNPs) do not commonly cause disease, they can impact health and are helpful to determine an appropriate personalized nutritional treatment plan utilizing food, botanicals & supplements. Each individualized plan is such that balance and function is maximized within the mind-body-soul connection. Comprehensive stool analysis, functional medicine bio markers and genomic testing are offered (additional costs apply) with each service. 


The Healthy Living Personal Program


Single Purchases:

For those unsure or would like to just dip their toes a bit - I offer an inexpensive Gut Health Education Forum, change starts with the button below!.

The Healthy Living Workshop

Monthly Walk in THE PARK with Lori- FREE Group functional gut medical visits. The focus here is to create community, get some exercise, talk with Lori & learn more about THE GUT! Park locations in the Lehigh Valley will vary as we have multiple natural scenic parks: Trexler Memorial Park, Lehigh Parkway, Illicks Mill Park & Jacobsburg State Park. Stay connected by joining the email list on APP - see contact page, or JOIN below.

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