Functional GUT Health

The GUT has a wall of commensal bacteria (microbiota) working together to help regulate the immune and nervous system. Today, more and more data is emerging to support that chronic inflammation is the underlying root cause of ALL disease, and it is related to a poor diet and underlying chronic stress. 


Chronic stress keeps the body bathed in norepinephrine (the fight/flight hormone) which over time up- regulates the immune system, exhausts the body's hormones, weakens the gut microbiota creating an array of dysfunction throughout the body. Epigenetics tells us that our environment (stress/diet) can affect whether we get a disease - NOT our gene codes.

Epigenetics has changed how we think about our inherited gene codes. The word actually means "over and above" the genome. This new research indicates that our health (and disease expression) is not necessarily dictated by our inherited genes. Genes load the gun and lifestyle shoots the gun... Another words, medications, food allergies, stress, environmental toxins, a leaky gut and/or a dysbiotic gut micorbiota are factors that can affect the gene expression and cellular function, and therefore, overall health. Some genes are weaker at functioning related to gene variants but primarily it is one lifestyle that affects gene expression.

Functional Gut Health addresses the underlying causes of disease at the GUT level using a systems-oriented approach called the FIVE R approach: Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair,  & Rebalance the gut microbiota using food as medicine, nutraceuticals and botanicals.

The Unsung Hero - is YOU!  Together we journey through your life history determining the triggers and perpetuators that are underlying your dysfunction and surfacing dis-eases. I use biomarkers, comprehensive stool analysis, some genomics to determine a personalized treatment plan to set you on a new health journey towards vitality. 


Reset Your Gut - Reset Your Health


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For those unsure or would like to just dip their toes a bit - I offer an inexpensive Gut Health Education Forum, change starts with the button below!.

The GUT Healthy Living Forum

Functional GUT Health Educational Forum:  PPTs/PDFs and occasional  webinar workshops for those who want to join a community of like-minded individuals and continue to learn  about Functional Gut Health. The focus here is to create community, talk with Lori and others while gaining knowledge about GUT Health through Lori's secure HIPPA compliant EMR called Practice Better.

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