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Most of us have very busy lives...paying little attention to aches and pains and what goes into our mouths, then find ourselves in less then optimal health. Some of us already have a stock pile of herbals and vitamins, have been Gluten Free without processed sugar, but still find ourselves with chronic joint pains, stomach issues, headaches, skin conditions, allergies and autoimmune dysfunction.  Functional GUT Health is a personalized systems  methodology adapted from the experts at The Institute of Functional Medicine, called the FIVE R approach.  Allow me to partner with YOU as we restore your health and vitality!


The Healthy Living Personal Program

Functional GUT health is an Integrative Functional Medicine systems approach to restore your HEALTH and begins upon meeting each other at The Free Discovery Visit, of which you can decide to go home with a comprehensive stool analysis kit (separate charge through Genova Diagnostics).

The next visit is an extensive 90 minute evaluation. After a 100$ deposit, I send paperwork electronically to you through a secure HIPPA compliant EMR which includes: a health assessment (past medical, surgical, medications and vitamins), a symptoms assessment and a 2-3 day diet history. After the completed paperwork is received (at least 24 hours before your next scheduled visit), I get to work and dig in!!

  • A functional medicine GUT work up is gathering and organizing information gleaned through your comprehensive medical history, nutritional exam, stool analysis, biomarkers, and diet analysis.

  • I use a 5 R approach to restore your GUT health: Remove, Replace, Reinoculate, Repair, Re-Balance methodology; and ABCD functional nutrition analysis.

  • My treatment includes a functional holistic care plan using FOOD, life style modalities, herbals and botanicals. 

The Healthy Living Workshop

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