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The GUT is the center of Emotions

​"The GUT is a medium where human emotion is stored. The heart initiates it, but the GUT stores it. This is where chronic emotional imbalances originate.  First, emotionally in the heart, and if not released, move energetically into the stomach; the center of emotions. In time, we start to feel GUT symptoms, then the list of diagnoses become longer. It is easier and less painful to feel matters of the heart in the GUT in order to carry on with the demands of life.


My experience: ​I have been practicing conventional medicine for over three decades. I have become keenly aware that our concept of self and our ability to self love (self talk) is as important as uncovering physical root causes of dysfunction. Some of us are unable to process grief whereby we are unable to move through the process to a place of peace. Some of us have experienced a less then an ideal childhood. Research supports that adverse childhood events correlate with more significant chronic disease and dysfunction upon adulthood. The journey towards health begins on the path of self love. As I partner with you, I am utilizing my innate intuition and spiritual gifts to discern the heart of the matter, so to speak. With that being said - I offer two distinct healing modalities for those that chose to heal holistically (mind, body and soul): Reiki healing and Psychic Mediumship. 

What is reiki healing? Some of the most common GUT root causes stem from unresolved trauma, loss and grief. The three main energetic systems are located in the abdomen. As life events occur these centers can become slowed or blocked. A loving hug is a form of reiki healing. It is the light touch of one person to another with the intent to comfort that is healing.  Reiki healing comes from the intent to serve another in love. A reiki practitioner is trained to sense where in the body the energetic need or dysfunction is originating and allow balance to enter that energetic center.


What is psychic mediumship? All of us are born natural psychics. Unfortunately, this expression is dismissed by societal standards. By early adolescents we pay little attention to this expression.  In adulthood, we have little or no natural awareness of our psychic tendencies except in times of danger.  One common example is a sense of danger upon entering a room/ building/ street, yet nothing appears a mis in the 3D.  Mediumship is a natural spiritual gift born in some people. Mediums bring forth evidence (personality, memories or memorabilia) using their extra senses that their loved ones live in spirit form beyond the physical realm. Mediumship ought to be presented in a rational way as it is NOT supernatural; it just operates within natural laws which we do not fully understand yet by our five senses (Andy Byng). 


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NP Lori T Billiard

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