Lifestyle Management Of Disease

Lilly of The Valley Gut Health LLC is a lifestyle management of disease clinic using a Functional Medicine approach.  Functional Medicine is a root cause, holistic, systems biology that determines the cellular  dysfunction underlying many chronic illnesses. Chronic disease has many names but only one underlying root cause - it is called chronic inflammation. Unique to our biology, epigenetics and lifestyle, we express chronic inflammation in an array of illnesses and symptoms. A functional medicine approach determines where the chronic inflammation lies in the body and provides a personalized treatment plan so your body heals naturally. 


Lilly of The Valley Gut Health LLC is located inside Holistic Awakenings, a sanctuary for healing and self discovery. We are dedicated to help people understand their mind-body-spirit connection and enhance a holistic natural balance between the three. Declining conditions can often be attributed to poor GUT health but can be remedied with a personalized natural treatment plan, using FOOD as medicine.


To discover the range of conditions treated at our clinic, check out the homepage. Reach out through our contact page, or better yet book your FREE Discovery Visit through the button below. YOUR future awaits for those who seek self discovery, support and direction in order to obtain a better quality of life.