Lilly of THE VALLEY Gut Health's mission is to achieve the greatest level of health and vitality possible, by going beyond asking what is making you feel sick to investigating the why and the how of chronic disease and addressing the root causes. 


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GUT Health-GUT Happiness 

A Functional Medicine Approach



CRNP, INTEGRATIVE FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE PRACTITIONER... Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) with over seven years of practice in conventional medicine and 37 years of varied professional healthcare experience. 



Conditions Treated: All GUT problems (IBS, SIBO, C Diff colonization, functional reflux, bloat, GERD, stable IBD), chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, insulin resistance, cholesterol, rashes, seasonal allergies, headaches, mild to moderate depression and anxiety, brain fog, ADHD, mild cognitive decline, seasonal allergies, estrogen dominant & menopausal issues, stable autoimmune dz, thyroid do, Covid-19 pre & post exposure with or without symptoms.

Ages: 10 years and up.


IFM certificate candidate from the Institute of functional medicine ( Member and IFM practitioner.

Licensed NP in PA/NJ

FNP-BC Family Health 2012 to present - ANCC.

AANP member.

RN 1988 to present.

RRT (registered respiratory therapist)  NBRC, 1985 to present.


Graduates Studies: DeSales University.

>MSN FNP 2012 - High Honors.

Undergraduate Studies: Kutztown University.

>BSN 2009 -Summa Cum Laude


2 years in Functional Medicine

7 + years as a Primary Care Provider in Family Medicine

24 years as a RN in critical care and cardiology.

GUT Health- GUT Happiness

A functional medicine approach

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love.

The GUT is a medium where human emotion is stored. The heart initiates it, but the GUT stores it. This is where chronic emotional imbalances live, originating first emotionally in the heart, and if not released, move energetically into the stomach. In time, we start to feel GUT symptoms, then the list of diagnoses grow. It is easier and less painful to feel matters of the heart in the GUT. 

I not only use science but moreover, as I partner with you, I am utilizing my innate intuition to energetically discern the heart of the matter so to speak.  Healing starts first with self awareness, then  acceptance followed by the breath.

Begin your journey today!

What is functional Medicine?

...addresses the underlying causes of disease using a systems-oriented approach while engaging both the patient and the practitioner in a therapeutic relationship (

Executive Functional Health Physical

 to optimize health or athletic performance. 

" Lori really knows how to connect with people, bringing the science and a personal touch together, making you feel at ease" 


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